“I have found a massage therapist - who works miracles on me - she works deep down to the bone level.  Many times the site of the injury is not the causative factor.  If I was still a PT with the pros, I'd hire Janine.”     

- Pat Croce, PT, Previous Owner of the Philadelphia 76ers, American Entrepreneur, Author, and TV Personality

"What a total surprise! I expected a body expert and got not only that but someone deeply engaged in the practice of yoga, energy and meditation. Thanks again for your great work.”

Ron Blouch, Co-Owner - Just Plain Yoga,  Camp Hill, Pa.          

“I had been receiving physical therapy for about 2 years following a car accident that had left me paralyzed, and was still dealing with severe physical limitations. PT took me to a point where I could function and take care of myself with regard to basic daily activities, but I knew that I could and would continue to improve if I had the proper instruction.  I had been working out at a gym on my own, but with limited strength, mobility, and a specific focus, I knew that it wouldn’t benefit me in my goal of improving and returning my body to the way it was a few years earlier.

I was fortunate to meet Janine about 7 years ago, only a few months after my PT had ended. She helped me regain my focus and direct my energy to retrain my body how to move. Janine is not just a trainer, she is a teacher who show you how to do exercises, she educates you on how to move your body in the way it was intended to move and provides you the tools that allow you to practice what you’ve learned in your daily life .

As my abilities improve and progress, she continues to provide me with the necessary direction and instruction I need to support my physical well being and growth. It has been very hard work, but I have the proof I am better for it look forward to my sessions every week.”                          

Shawn Weber, Mechanicsburg, Pa

I have exercised and been active most of my life. But, as I’ve matured, I’ve notice more aches and pains post exercise. Last year, I injured my back, and was unable to exercise (or even walk at times). I rested my back, took pain medication, and applied cold/warm treatments but each time I tried to exercise, I would re-injure my back.  I experienced anxiety and depression…thinking that I would not be able to participate in the exercise and activities that I enjoy (and hoped to do more often) as I aged.

A friend recommended Janine @ Body IQ Life. I hesitated but ultimately scheduled a session. I AM SO GLAD I DID! My back was pain free within three months of working with Janine. I’m learning to use proper form and function in moving my body and in strengthening my core, which is essential in continuing an active lifestyle. The Body IQ Life approach is holistic and has given (and continues to give) me the knowledge and inspiration I need to participate in the activities I love throughout my lifetime...I even referred my mom!”                   

Laurie Kennedy, Camp Hill, Pa.

I have practiced Pilates for over 5 years. At first it was to recover and re-balance from injuries due to training for and racing triathlons.  After years of beating myself up in the gym, running too much, and not moving from the “right places", I have finally found an teacher who has helped me to achieve greater strength and balance than I have ever known.  When I focus on Pilates principles and movement, it helps me to be in less pain and move more functionally on a day to day basis.

Janine has helped me tremendously in the last few months since I have been working with her.  I have never experienced such a thorough, thoughtful, and needs specific hands-on instructor as Janine.  During my very first lesson with her, I was put through a more comprehensive evaluation of my body than I have ever received from any doctor or physical therapist. From there, she has developed a Pilates plan specific to the needs of my body by working through exercises and bodywork.

I feel blessed to have someone of her caliber in this area.”     

Kara Shiffer, Camp Hill, Pa.