What You Need to Know About Exercise and LSD

What You Need to Know About Exercise and LSD

Boomers…The generation that said they would never get old…Defined by flower power, social change & getting blissed-out/peaced-out on Rock & Roll & LSD…

Cut to almost 50 years later, were flower power refers to caring for the garden and LSD no longer refers to the mind altering psychedelic drug known for expanding consciousness; but, to a very valuable exercise strategy- LSD- known for staving off the rigors of aging and helping with waist management.

LSD is an acronym which refers to – LONG –SLOW- DISTANCE; an exercise intensity which is known for stimulating maximum fat burning during exercise. The New York City Marathon on November 2nd , is a prime example of LSD; A sea of runners, barely at a running pace; all needing to go the distance; strategically pacing them selves for the finish. Life is like a marathon if you think about it…Creating sustainable energy for a balanced, active & healthy lifestyle requires the endurance of a marathon runner mind-body & spirit.

So, how do you begin to identify your target area of fat burning during aerobic exercise to that you can burn, burn, burn that fat, fat, fat…?

1. Identify your optimal aerobic fat burning intensity. Start by moving at a brisk pace. After about five minutes, try saying... "I am testing my heart & lungs in order to find the best intensity to burn fat." If you can say that easily, try singing your ABC’s. If you can talk and sing, increase your intensity. If you cannot talk easily (therefore not be able to sing either), you are exercising too hard (this is referred to as the Talk-Sing Test). The optimal level of intensity is one where, after about 5 minutes, you can talk but cannot sing.

FACT: The first 10-20 minutes (depending on your level of conditioning) of your aerobic exercise is the phase where your body is burning mostly carbohydrate and is converting fat. When you hit the phase of feeling energized; you are most likely burning mostly fat.

FACT: If your activity is a total of 40 minutes, you spent about half of the run burning fat and half burning mostly carbohydrate.

FACT: To burn fat during aerobic exercise, the intensity and duration of the exercise has to be just right. To low, no go; to high fat won’t fly. Walking two miles in thirty minutes three days per week reduces your risk of heart attack by 58%.

2. Plan on exercising a minimum of 30 minutes three to 5 days per week. The form of exercise is not as important as the intensity and duration. You could dance, cycle, walk, jog; use an elliptical, stair stepper or treadmill. For those who cannot jog or run due to joint problems, swimming is best.

3. Increase your intensity & duration each week for six weeks then take one week off. Your body needs brief periods of recovery. The benefit of exercise is the rest. During the rest period, your body replenishes its energy reserves and prepares itself for the next and more demanding session.

The higher your condition the quicker your transition to burning fat... This is because the enzymes you need increase in supply in response to your training. To get there, you must train often, understand when you switch from fat to carbohydrate and be prepared to put in the time.

For those over 40…Other factors to consider are Heart Rate & Blood Pressure.

FACT: THRR (TARGET HEART RATE RANGE) for burning fat is usually between 100-120BPMS. Blood Pressure - Systolic pressure (upper number) not going above 180; Diastolic pressure (lower number) not going above 90.