The Itty-Bitty Diet & Exercise Game

The Itty-Bitty Diet & Exercise Game

WE ARE becoming soft, literally and figuratively of mind, body and maybe even of spirit…SOFT. How did we get this way?

At what point in our history as Americans did it become okay to abandon ship? By ship I mean “THE BOD”, that vessel that carries around your head all day long…

Check out THE CDC’S website, there’s a FAT MAP; it indicates Pennsylvania as one of the fattest states in the union, only to be out done by the fatties in the southern states of
Alabama, Mississippi and Tennessee. We consume more food now, per person than at any other point in the history of the world and we are less physically active as a culture than ever before.

“By the time we reach 65 years of age most people are clinically obese and have lost 40%
of their muscle mass and suffer from de-enervation from chronic under use,” says PhD Exercise Physiologist, Greg Ellis. 

For decades the Exercise & Diet industries have been screaming to get our attention….

These industries have grown into multi billion dollar industries trying to entice, motivate and turn us on to the benefits of regular exercise and healthful eating. They have us running, jumping, shaking and boxing our way begrudgingly to our next pre-packaged meal. Hello...Have you been to LA Fitness or PSC… A smorgasbord for exercisers -- all formatted to meet your nanno-second, automated attention span. But the only smorgasbords most still seem to frequent more than the gym is the buffet table x 2. 

It’s the itty bitty diet and exercise game and it goes like this…

You join the gym, go 3 to 4 days a week in the beginning, maybe you even hire a personal trainer for extra motivation; then as the weeks or months go by you begin to realize that there is no quick fix for keeping the “bod” in shape without paying close attention to the four letter F word: FOOD.

Staying FIT takes time, hard work, and attention to the c word: COMMITMENT. 

Industrialization & automation while revolutionizing the pace and direction of present day culture, seems to have morphed our nature as natural movers to an evolutionary standstill. We have become addicted to the immediate gratification that FOOD provides while overlooking the biohazard of CLINICAL OBESITY (when body fat count 30% or above).
Successes and failures around diet and exercise revolve around behavior and our willingness to modify what ever bad eating or exercise habits we form over time. Rather than give you list of things you need to change.

Begin by keeping a daily journal of what behaviors you engage in around diet and exercise today.  

BODY IQ RULE #1 To create lasting lifestyle change successfully, you must know where you’re starting point is in order to move forward. For the next 21 days keep a diet and exercise journal. How much food energy do you take in, in one day? How much energy do you spend in one day? If you are not sure how much energy you are spending or putting in go to for some assistance, where you can keep an on line journal for diet and exercise.

Next, identify what activity you love which involves purposeful movement, that engages all of your senses; that you can perform (or work up to performing) at least 30 minutes daily, that make you sweat and keep your heart rate elevated between 100- 110 bpms… 

FYI: Thermo-convection or SWEAT IS A DAILY BIOLOGICAL NEED. Sweating helps cool your brain for healthy optimal function. When you participate in daily exercise you will decrease your internal carbon foot print, purify your system and create sustainable energy for your future…