On Body IQ (Main Line Life Column)

Main Line Life Column 12-18-08


It’s that time of year
A time to get clear
A time to take stock
of what’s far or near.

A time to look forward
A time to look back
at all that you’ve gained
or how you have slacked

A year in review
Decide what to do
Its time to take shape
It’s never too late.

So…Deck the halls, storm the malls, eat, drink and get merrily overstuffed. It’s time for the once a year ritual we westerners engage in THE NEW YEARS RESOLUTION…

What is it about the coming of a new year which causes us to become reflective? So inspired to wipe the slate clean, remove all the dead, unwanted clutter and excess from our lives and strive to become anew..? How can I inspire you to get the most from your new years resolutions…? And then I thought of it…Sadhana (Sa-da-na).

Sadhana is an ancient spiritual tradition practiced in the East. It is a practice used for shaping or re-shaping consciousness, reaffirming your commitment to your self, your family or to what you cherish most. 

Sadhana literally means endeavoring to obtain a particular result.

It is a daily practice where you challenge yourself to focus on a particular activity which engages you mind, body & spirit. It is your personal individual effort to expand your connection to yourself and to all around you. 

Here are the basics…

Sadhana contain 3 aspects or elements.

Choice-Choose a practice

You may already be doing Sadhana and not be aware. Or you may be engaged in a daily ritual and feel a need to bring more meaning to it. Whether you choose: a long hike, a martial art, swimming, using restraint and the dinner table...Your Sadhana is to enrich you, enhance your senses, fulfill a part of you which makes you feel connected to all around you. So, ask yourself a simple question or two… What is missing from my life? What activity or practice, done on a daily basis would benefit me and my life most mind, body & spirit? Keep a journal and work through your questions, one Sadhana at a time.


Commitment - Be regular at this practice

When choosing your Sadhana, select something which you can perform or practice mindfully every day. Define a time period (how many days) which you would like to dedicate this particular Sadhana. If you are choosing a Sadhana to change a behavior…Just keep in mind that it takes 90 days to effect a behavior pattern and a full year to incorporate it fully into our life…The “C” word is difficult for most of us when it comes to doing something for ourselves. So be clear about what you are committing to…You can do many Sadhana’s throughout the year or your life.

Create a Sadhana for your family, something which will enhance your closeness as a family unit.


Aspiration-Conscious or mindful intention 

This is probably the most essential aspect of Sadhana. What you do with your mind or thinking, you do with your body and spirit….Let me rephrase. The kind of thoughts you hold in your head during any moment of your day, defines that moment… This means if you engage in an activity with resentment, displeasure or half hearted or because you have to do it…You will not get the results you are seeking. Having the ability to control your thinking is essential to producing results. This is one reason so many people flock to yoga and meditation classes. Participants walk away from these experiences remarking how relaxed they feel. But in actuality, the value of all their effort is a focused and controlled intention and state of mind.



For 108 days straight…
Commit to a practice of something which will impact your life or lifestyle in a proactive way. Choose a practice which will sharpen your thinking, tune up your body and elevate your spirit.