Finding Threshold Through The Practice of Yoga


The practice of Yoga on a regular basis offers you the opportunity to have an experience with your body which transcends into the ethereal space between body and mind. In this space you are offered the opportunity to become a technician of the body and the movement of its various energies guided by breath, as well as master of your spirit; through the use of your breath you are weaving consciousness into the fabric of your being-- it is never the same practice twice.  It is like air travel, only you are traveling through time and space at a velocity and speed which is relative to your body’s internal mechanism, rather than one that is external to yourself; you become engulfed by the space around and become aware that there no beginning or end, only a continuous connection to all things.

The out come of this experience has the potential of introducing us to another level of existence, one in which better prepares us to take on the stresses of life and one that prepares us for the viewing the reality which lay ahead with greater accuracy.  Yoga, as well as any regular patterned movement practice which can take you to the threshold of where your mind and body converse, creates a readiness; a satisfaction for that inner longing of the spirit; satiety of mind and body, which seems to have many universal possibilities but only one true home within an individuals nature.