10 Tips for Waist Management

10 Tips for Waist Management

1. Cortisol, a hormone known for fat storage is highest in the morning. Eat a breakfast which is high in protein, low in carbs
2. Allot each meal to contain, 40-50% veggies, 20-30% protein,10-20%fat
3. Portion control- small portions
4. Make your last meal of the day the smallest.
5. Eat your late meal of the day before 7 p.m.
6. Structure your day to contain 2-3 main meals and 2 healthy snacks
7. Eat fruit daily…Fruit is fiber and Pectin, a natural enzyme aids in digestion.
8. Cut out soda or sugary soft drinks and juices or limit to 1 per day.
9. Digestion begins in the mouth. Chew each your food 30 to 40 times
10.Drink a minimum of 4 glasses of water per day

Building Better Body IQ for Waist Management

1. If you are interested in a basic, effective, weight management strategy but, are not necessarily interested in changing your diet yet… Try this for 30 days… Do not eat or drink (water is okay) past 7pm in the evening…Nothing…NADA… If you traditionally work out in the evening, arrange your last meal of the day at 5 or 6 at least 30 minutes before you workout.
Giving the body time to empty, especially during evening R&R and sleep, is a natural way to cleanse your body and stimulate your metabolism, as well as challenge your ability for self discipline.

2. If you are over 40 and fairly sedentary, aside from the 1 or 3 hours per week you put into the gym …Try this for 30 days… Set aside 30 minutes each morning, select an activity which you allow you to sweat and get your heart rate up to a sustainable 110 bpms, exercises your passion and increases your happiness factor. Sweating daily is important for healthy gland and organ function.

3. Deconstructing your work week is essential for de-stressing your body & mind. At the end of each work week, before cracking open the bubbly…Take the time to meditate on the people, places and events of the week. Find a quiet spot, a hammock, a corner of your garden, a quiet room. Remember all and with gratitude and make a separation and cut the fabric from work to play. Reflection feeds our intuition and prepares you for facing your future.